Episode 28 - Interview with with a Vampire (Argyle Goolsby!) plus new tunes

• September 8th, 2018

We got to talk to Argyle Goolsby for a good bit, was a great interview! Learn about the meaning behind some of his songs, how he got into horror punk, touring with Graves, living in Roanoke for a minute, a funny tour story, and what's coming next. Also check out new music by Night Birds, The Pullouts, and El Escapado. Submission segment this week is from UK band Blank Screen. Also a silly tune from our favorite Canadian punks Black Cat Attack!

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Episode 27 - All about Pogo In the Pit (documentary) featuring Joseph Martian

• August 25th, 2018

This week we get all the tea on Joe's movie Pogo in the Pit (which Star City Punkcast is featured in!) and tunes from a lot of the bands! We had a lot of fun doing this, check it out.

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Episode 26 - Showing a lil Local Love

• August 13th, 2018

This time we brought ya the hardcore, the locals, and as always a kick ass spooky & submission segment! Check it!!!

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Episode 25 - Dr. Frank and the Podcast who Loves Him

• July 23rd, 2018

This time we talk to one of Tara's favorites Dr. Frank of Mr. T Experience! Wahoo! Also we have a good submission & spooky segment featuring the Stellar Corpses and info about the shows coming up!

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Episode 24 - A Chat with Mikey Erg!

• June 22nd, 2018

This episode we had the pleasure of interviewing Mikey Erg (The Ergs, House Boat, Star Fucking Hipsters) and it was super fun! We also play some jams for ya from bands of upcoming shows this summer....check it!

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Episode 23 - Father’s Day Episode featuring Troy & Iryan Sisson, Stevie & Jax Davies

• June 5th, 2018

This episode we do a little something different, featuring the 2 coolest dads in Roanoke! Troy and his son Iryan of Mallrats, Stevie and Jax Davies of Knuckleheadz joins us and shares about making music with their kids and we play some awesome tunes! Check it!!

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Episode 22 - (Bob) Blast from the Past! Anniversary Episode (giveaway!!)

• May 22nd, 2018

This episode we talk about where it all began and how we all met, Factory 324, an old punk venue in Roanoke, Va. Special guest and listener since day 1 Bob Blast joins us and we take you through some Roanoke punk history ranging from the early 90's to early 00's. Listen carefully, there is a giveaway this episode!!!

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Episode 21 - We Love Submission!

• May 11th, 2018

We play a bunch of submissions we got from bands all over the world! Check it!! If you are a band and would like us to check you out send your favorite song and facts about you to starcitypunkcast@gmail.com !

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Episode 20 - Nervously Triggered!

• April 27th, 2018

This episode we talk about Punk Rock Appreciation 3, a yearly Roanoke event. We feature a cool band from Providence, RI called Hope Anchor. Our submission segment features Nervous Triggers from the Jersey Shore, who features Mikey Erg so we got a brief interview with him (my pop punk hero! that's why my voice is so shakey this episode- was nervously triggered!), you get your spooky segment too of course and even more jams! Check it!! Thank Season's Entertainment for making this free for you guys, and hire Marshall Hicks for your recording/sound/equipment needs!! Follow Star City Punkcast on Facebook and Insta for videos we take and updates along the way! Also, if you'd like to check out Savannah's art and spfx makeup her handle is @bananasavage and you can follow me @heyysuburbia! 


Keep sending your submissions to Starcitypunkcast@gmail.com with links to your favorite song you have done and some interesting facts about yourself if you'd like to be featured in the future! We enjoy spreading the love!

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Episode 19 - New Skate Park in the Star City?? - feat. Keri Garnett

• April 16th, 2018

This episode we chat with the Director of Roanoke Skatepark Initiative, Keri Garnett. We ask all the questions you've been wondering about regardig the new park and how much work actually goes into planning something this huge. Also we play some new tunes for you! Check it!!!!! Thank you so much, Keri!


As always shout out to Season's Entertainment for making this free for you guys, and to Marshall Hicks for holding down the sound.

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